Becoming Friends with Your Tenants

When you are a landlord, there will be the desire to become friends with some of your tenants. This desire will be very natural since you will want to appear as though you are a friendly person who is there to help out all of your residents of your rental property. In most instances, there will not be an issue with becoming friends with your tenants. You just need to make sure you are careful not to allow the lines between landlord and tenant so that things do not get uncomfortable for you or for your tenants.

No matter what you do, whenever you are working with your tenants, you want to make sure you are courteous and polite. You want to be sure you maintain a level of professionalism with your tenants whenever you work with them. You want to make sure that you create an environment that will allow your tenants to feel completely comfortable when they are around you. You also want to make sure that your tenants never feel pressured by you to do anything. This will allow you to have a relationship with them that will be very professional.

Risks of Befriending Tenants

There are a number of reasons that you will want to be cautious when you are attempting to or thinking about befriending your tenants. When you become friends with someone, you allow them, in some ways, to feel as though they are on the same level as you are. While this will be extremely important in order to create a healthy and professional relationship with your tenants, it could also pose some problems in the future. You would, for example, have some difficulty imposing any type of ruling to your tenants if a few of them felt as though they were your friends.

If, for example, you become friends with a tenant who later has an issue with another tenant in your rental property, you could have some serious problems. You might attempt to require that both of them resolve the issue in a certain way. The tenant that feels like he or she is friends with you might shrug this off. You will then have a very large problem on your hands. It is therefore important that you keep a certain distance from your tenants in order to maintain a leadership role of sorts.

Benefits of Befriending Tenants

The fact that you should keep some distance from your tenants does not mean, though, that you cannot be friendly with them in any way. In fact, you should be extremely friendly with your tenants to make sure that their stay at your rental property is as pleasant as it can be. There are certain benefits to befriending your tenants while maintaining a level of professionalism whenever you have any contact. This will allow your business to run as smoothly as you will want it to. This will also ensure that your tenants are as pleased with their environment as you want them to be.

Becoming friends with your tenants will allow you to find out certain things about your property that you might not know. If there is an issue with something in your building, the fact that you are very friendly with your tenants will ensure that you find out about it sooner. Your tenants will not feel distanced or afraid to come forward to speak with you about certain issues. This way you will be able to have a rental property that runs completely smooth without any large issues.

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