Detroit Landlord Insurance

Detroit Landlord Insurance gives landlords a shield against the unexpected. This means that you are not going to be held financially responsible like you would be if you didn't have any type of Detroit, MI house insurance to protect you. But what many landlords find throughout Michigan is that they come out on top in the end when they are covered. They don't have to pay the financial consequences that come when the structure is heavily damaged or is completely destroyed.

Although you will have your Detroit landlord insurance in place in case you'll need it, it is good to know what some of the most common claims are that you'll come across. Many times, it is the new landlord that makes most of the claims because it is the new one that has not had a lot of experiences to learn from, but that is okay. If you're a new landlord, you at least know that you are protected by Detroit, MI landlord property insurance.

Common Claims

Some of the most common Michigan landlord insurance policy claims have to deal with theft and vandalism, especially when a property is vacant. You may do everything that you can to keep it in good condition while you are the landlord, but there are those individuals who will break into the property with their own agendas in mind. They can cause a lot of damage and you will need Detroit landlord insurance to cover the damage that is caused when someone breaks down the door, breaks a window, and causes other damage.

Another common claim is that of fire. It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced, this is something that occurs more than any landlord would ever care have to do with. The reason why fire is a major claim made against Detroit landlord insurance is because of the many causes it has. Fire can be caused by someone within the residence lighting a cigarette and falling asleep with it, not blowing out a candle before leaving the house or going to bed, a lightning strike, or electrical issues. If the house has a chimney, chimney fires can occur. There are just so many possibilities, so you want to make sure you are protected by your Detroit, Michigan landlord insurance

The third common claim are those that are weather-related. Detroit can have different types of weather with most damage occurring in the winter. This is due to heavy ice and snow. Many homes built in Detroit tend to be outfitted to handle a lot of snow and ice, but sometimes it is too much. Roofs will collapse under the weight of the snow and ice and that can be devastating. It's devastating to you and devastating to the tenant.

Amount of Protection

Something that some landlords tend to do is not have enough Detroit landlord insurance to protect them. If the property were to be destroyed, you want to make sure you have enough Michigan insurance to make sure you can rebuild a structure at the same worth. If you don't have enough, then you would have to build something smaller, leave a number of things out, or build with cheaper materials. What you would do would be a difficult decision.

So what you need to do is have the property appraised so that you know the worth. Make sure you include any buildings that are on the property, such as car ports, garages, storage buildings, workshops, and any other pieces of property that contribute to the value. You don't want to forget about anything when you sign up for your Detroit landlord insurance.

You also need to consider any contents within the property. In that case, you will need contents insurance to protect anything that belongs to you. So if you have a washer and a dryer within that you are loaning tenants, along with any other appliances that you may have placed within the property. Don't forget to include light fixtures and any other permanent fixtures as well. Your Detroit landlord insurance will take care of this for you.

And when you're shopping for your Detroit landlord insurance, you will find that you have many options available to you to make sure you are properly insured without any gaps making you vulnerable. Even if the default policy doesn't cover everything, you can see through your Detroit insurance quotes that there are options available to you so that you can properly insure yourself. Leaving yourself vulnerable in any way could lead to you pay expensive consequences for something that isn't your fault.

So make sure you are properly covered by carefully exploring your property and then signing up for Detroit landlord insurance. Appraisals will help you determine if you have enough coverage. And don't forget all aspects of the rental so that you can ensure everything is insured.

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