Idaho Landlord Insurance

Idaho landlord insurance is great for the landlord because it offers a high degree of financial protection in case a rental property is damaged or destroyed. As an Idaho landlord, you are shouldering enough responsibility as it is. You can relieve some of that responsibility by having financial protection. This is so you have one less thing to worry about.

You do have the usual upkeep and maintenance of the rental property that you have to contend with on a regular basis. But what you also have to deal with is such incidents as damage that is done by tenants. You also have to deal with damage that is done by the weather, vandalism, and even fire. All of this is why you need to have house insurance in the form of Idaho landlord insurance.

And the best way for you to identify the best Idaho landlord insurance policy for you is to use insurance quotes to compare policies to find the best one. The ability to compare policies means being able to compare limits, premiums, and features so that you can find the policy that will work best for you.

Different Policies

There are a number of Idaho landlord insurance policies available for landlords in Idaho. You have the ability to choose a single policy or a combination of policies to ensure that you are completely covered in every way you need to be. For example, you have property insurance for the building itself. This is the basic type of coverage that you have access to and the primary form.

What the Idaho landlord coverage on the building itself covers is the building itself and any permanent fixtures within it. As for what constitutes a permanent fixture, it is something that can't be removed from the building unless the building itself is damaged. For instance, certain types of light fixtures cannot be removed without inflicting damage onto the property.

If you want to cover the non-permanent fixtures within the home, you will need to purchase contents insurance. This type of protection will cover all of the items within the Idaho home that belong to you. The coverage won't cover any items that belong to the tenant. The tenant is responsible for making sure they have their own coverage on their belongings.

Another very important part of your Idaho landlord insurance is the liability coverage that comes with it. This is the part of the insurance policy that protects you in case someone tries to file a lawsuit against you and also covers you if they succeed. If someone has been injured on the property due to your negligence, the liability portion of your Idaho landlord insurance takes care of it for you.

The liability portion is, perhaps, the biggest money saver of them all. For example, a tenant could tell you that something potentially harmful needs repaired, but you become very busy and forget about it. If they are injured due to the lack of repair, they may decide to sue you for medical costs. With your liability coverage, you can make sure those damages are paid for.

Without protection, you are vulnerable. Imagine the $200,000 building that you rent out apartments in burning down. How much rent would you lose? Now factor in the cost of having to rebuild that building. You are either not going to be able to rebuild or will have to somehow acquire financing. That's an expense you don't have to pay when you're insured.


The protections that are offered by Idaho landlord insurance are plenty. For instance, you have protection against natural disasters, but this usually excludes floods. Many areas are not prone to flooding, but there are some areas that are. For those that are, each landlord to such vulnerable properties needs to make sure they are covered.

If you have not yet paid off the mortgage to your rental property, you may want to opt for mortgage protection. This is for the landlord who has yet to pay off the Idaho property. If something would occur that would result in your untimely death, this type of insurance will pay off the mortgage.

Another very important part of Idaho landlord insurance is the part that pays for loss of rent. If something occurs that keeps the rental property from being inhabited, you can recover the loss of rent. All you have to do is file a claim to recover the loss.

Your Idaho landlord insurance is something that can protect you in many instances. As a landlord in Idaho, you rely on your rental property to bring in an income for you and your family. That is why it is very important that you ensure you are protected against the many events that can occur that can cause damage to your income source.

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