Kansas Landlord Insurance

Kansas landlord insurance provides a wide range of protections for the average landlord. As a Kansas landlord, you are running a business. This business consists of you ensuring properties are up to par, fixing things when they are broken, and making sure you have the right protection in place in case something bad happens to the property.

There is a certain structure that Kansas landlord insurance has. This structure is unique from your usual house insurance because the situation is different. You do not live in the property. Someone else lives within the property, so your responsibilities, although many, are also limited.

One example as to how your responsibilities are limited is the fact that you don't carry protection on the tenant's belongings. It is their responsibility to obtain contents insurance so that their belongings are protected against fire, lightning, and other perils listed within their policy. You can insurance contents, but only those that belong to you.

There are other areas where you are protected as well so that you are relieved of any financial liability, which could be very expensive. Any financial liability is something that could become very expensive and you don't want to have to pay those expenses if you don't need to.

Liability and Medical

Liability is an important part of your Kansas landlord insurance. Let's say the lease agreement with the tenant says that you will take care of issues outside of the home, while the tenant takes care of issues within the home. The reason why this works out best for the two of you is because you are not the one living within the home.

Because a tenant's coverage will cover them in the case of an accident within the walls of the home, they can take care of those liability issues. Their coverage only covers them inside, so that means you, the Indiana landlord, will most likely be responsible for accidents that occur outside the property. For instance, a hazard on the sidewalk could result in someone tripping and falling. As a result, they could have medical expenses that would result in them bringing a suit against you so that they can have their medical expenses paid.

A liability incident can be rather daunting for the fact that it can be expensive. Luckily, your Kansas landlord insurance can and will pay the damages for you. As for how much can be paid depends upon the limits you set with your insurance policy. You may have a $100,000 limit on a policy. If that is what you have, then your property insurance will pay up to that limit.

As for the medical portion, medical is a small portion of money that is set aside to pay for the medical costs that result from an injury. This is the money that the Kansas landlord insurance company sets aside to try and avoid another Indiana lawsuit. This is the money that they will offer first in hopes that the deal will be taken. This can also result in the company paying out less money for the damages rather than going to trial and paying more.


The deductibles you decide upon will have an influence on your premium. You'll pay a lower premium for your Kansas landlord insurance if you opt for a higher deductible, just as a lower deductible will result in a higher premium. Although you can control your premium in this way, always make sure your deductible on your Kansas landlord insurance is one that you can afford to pay if you need to use your Kansas landlord coverage.

It can be easy for a landlord in Kansas to choose a lower deductible because of the savings a higher one can result in. However, make sure it is something that you can pay. The best way to determine what is best for you is to obtain insurance quotes so that you can compare different policies with different deductibles. This is how you can secure a premium that you are happy with, while also obtaining the protection that you deserve to have.

You definitely don't want to be the Kansas landlord that can't afford the cost of your deductible. This means you don't want to be the one or two in Kansas that can't rebuild after a devastating event. Because your rental property is your income, you want to be able to rebuild. Your Kansas landlord insurance is going to help you do that.

So make sure you insure every Kansas rental property you have with your Kansas landlord insurance. When you have the proper protection in place, you are making sure that you don't have to pay large expenses out of your own pocket. Paying such incredible expenses could be detrimental or you may not be able to repair or replace the property at all.

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