Ohio Landlord Insurance

Ohio landlord insurance is ideal for both individual property owners and co-owners. You may find yourself in a situation where you want landlord protection on the Ohio property, but the person who owns the property with you does not see the point. If you are in this situation, then you will want to make your case because both of you will need to be listed on the policy.

The way to approach the situation is to outline the benefits of Ohio landlord insurance. The benefits are many and you will most likely make your case as to why you need the property insurance. But you will also have to entice in regards to the premium cost and address who is going to pay what and when.

The Benefits

When telling your partner of the benefits, bring up a scenario. For example, Ohio is a state in which the weather keeps everyone on their toes. In the winter it is extremely cold and in the summers it is extremely hot. The fact that the state is in the Northern United States makes it seem as if the weather would not be so extreme, but it is. This means that there are a number of weather events that can happen.

The weather events that may affect a landlord includes heavy snows, ice storms, severe thunderstorms with wind and hail in the summers, and even tornadoes. This weather can cause collapsed roofs, lightning strikes, homes that are completely destroyed, trees falling on homes, and so much more. If any of this happens to your rental property, you could be looking at very expensive repairs.

The Ohio landlord insurance that you invest in can take care of those repairs. If the home is completely destroyed, this form of house insurance can save a landlord from having to rebuild out of their own pocket. The landlord property insurance policy takes care of the cost for you so that you or your partner is not out of the money on a personal level.

There is also the liability aspect of your Ohio landlord insurance. The liability portion protects you both in case you are responsible for an accident that occurs on the property. Not having liability coverage means the two of you are going to be paying very expensive medical costs, attorney fees, and court fees. That is something a landlord in Ohio never wants to contend with.


If cost is the issue when talking about getting Ohio landlord insurance, don't worry. Show your partner insurance quotes so that they can see how affordable it can be. Make sure the minimum amount that you consider is at least enough to cover the value of the property. You don't want it to be destroyed and then have to pay some of the cost to rebuild it anyway.

You will also want to take into consideration any events that occur in your area of Ohio that may not be covered under the standard perils listed in the policy. For example, you may live in a river area that is prone to flooding. If so, you may want to add flood coverage onto your landlord property protection. You will still find that your premium will be affordable.

And explain to your partner that you don't have to worry about insuring the belongings of the tenant. The tenant can purchase their own contents insurance to make sure they are protected. And what's great is that their coverage will also cover liability. This means that you don't have to cover all liabilities under your Ohio landlord insurance. You can establish in the lease agreement who is responsible for what and make them responsible for something.

Simply compare the cost of being held liable for an event or experiencing property loss to the cost of Ohio landlord insurance. The Ohio landlord without the proper insurance coverage is the one who either has to forfeit ever restoring the property or tries to pay out of pocket. Either way, the end result is expensive.

You may also want to consider how a lack of Ohio landlord insurance can mean years of financial loss in the way of rental income. But if the issue is just a tenant not paying their rent, your Ohio rental property coverage will cover that as well. Depending on the amount of the rent, that can be a lifesaver.

So use this information to make your case so that you and the other owner of the property can protect yourselves. Ohio landlord insurance means financial protection. You don't want to be vulnerable to many of the incidents that affect landlords throughout the state. With protection, you can be back on your feet quickly and earning an income off of the property again.

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